i;m crying who wants to go on the vomit express with me

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i am so jealous of all the people who are comfortable with who they are physically and mentally 

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs  (Eggless)

i think i messed myself

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i have two moods: fuck you and fuck me

I had to scroll back up to reblog this because this post spoke to me on an emotional level

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am i the only one that doesn’t give a fuck if i eat horse meat

come on guys

i’ve eaten a lot of things

lets be real

horse meat isn’t the grossest thing i’ve eaten

i can’t be the only one out there

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being popular on tumblr is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria of a mental hospital

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"Babe, just because someone gives birth to someone, doesn’t make them a mother, just like the person who impregnated my mom isn’t a father, yeah they contributed on a genetic level, but they don’t make us who we are, they can try, but ultimately we are who we are, we are not what they are, so why should we hold ourselves to their standards, why should our standards be the same as theirs, I love you for who you are now, you are everything you are because you DON’T want to be who THEY are, you don’t have to be anyone but yourself, you don’t have to live up to anyone’s standards but your own, if you don’t like your standards then it is your choice and yours alone if you want to change them, and fuck whoever wants to give you shit about it, you don’t have to be pressured into changing them, I’m not asking anything of you that I would not offer you in return, I’m not asking you to adhere to my lifestyle, or change your appearance, I wanted you from the moment I saw you, I liked you from the moment I met you, and I’m growing to love you more and more with each passing moment with you and miss you more and more with each passing moment without you. I’ve never asked you to change for me, and I never will, I’ve never complained about you seriously, I’ll jokingly complain with you present to make you laugh, because I love it when you smile. If you truly feel all you can master is nothing, then nothing I’ll be, because I am yours, forever yours."

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People who are younger than you but taller



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Rape is not a fucking joke, and it’s not your fucking fault.

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