if you’re still reading this blog, you really need to inbox me for my new one.



if you’re still going here for my posts, you’re silly and need to ask for my new url


anyone and everyone who wants to know the urls for my new personal tumblr, and my new writing tumblr, let me know

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anyone and everyone who wants to know the urls for my new personal tumblr, and my new writing tumblr, let me know

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sorry for being unfair

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when someone taller than you hugs you and you kind of put your head on their chest and it feels really protective and warm like godamn if thats not the greatest shit in the world

alternatively, being the taller person and resting your chin on their head is so comforting because you feel like their protector and it’s like they need you and you feel wanted for a moment if brief and i just think thats equally as nice

you two should hug

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omg someone likes me

i am going to make a new tumblr

sometime in the very new future aka as soon as i have time,

i’m going to be making a new tumblr (actually TWO, one for my main and one for writing/depression related posts)

i’m doing this mostly because some people have found my husband and me, and well we just don’t want anything to do with them. in fact, if you’ve noticed he’s been kinda MIA for a while…yeah that’s because he made a new tumblr. i’ll link it on my new one.

i’m also thinking this might reduce the amount of ridiculous anons i get, at least for a little while.

anywho, i plan on following a lot of the same people i already follow.

if any of you who follow me want the links to the new blogs once they’re made, like this or inbox me, as i will not be posting them on here. because. you know. creepy people.

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when people reblog my writing or really any of my original posts but especially my writing


it just makes me happy so


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my room is full of trash because that is what i am

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This is beautiful

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Literally me when I find out someone likes the same things as me

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i feel like throwing myself off a bridge, hbu??

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because it feels good in the moment, but you’re really only screwing yourself.

congratulations on being the first person i have ever given this medal to


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